Designed, assembled and manufactured in the USA

Latest generation of twin-screw supercharger for superior performance.

High flow rotor coating for increased efficiency and increased durability.

Increased bearing lubrication for lower operating temps and increased durability.

Serviceable supercharger, replaceable and upgradeable component design.

More robust design, double angular front bearing and sealed roller rear bearing for improved reliability.

Oil sight glass for proper oil level inspection.

100,000 mile oil change interval

Model Displacement Max Continous RPM Max Peak RPM Max CFM Max M^3/HR Max PSI Peak VE Peak AE SC Blueprint (PDF)
W100AX 1.6 Liter/rev 18,000 20,000 1120 1902 30 99 81 100AX
W140AX 2.3 Liter/rev 18,000 18,000 1430 2430 30 99 80 140AX
W140R 2.3 Liter/rev 18,000 18,000 1389 2360 30 95 77 140R
W175AX 2.9 Liter/rev 18,000 18,000 1720 2922 30 99 78 175AX
W200AX 3.3 Liter/rev 16,000 18,000 2140 3635 30 99 78 200AX
W200R 3.3 Liter/rev 16,000 18,000 2030 3449 30 94 76 200R
W245AX 4.0 Liter/rev 16,000 18,000 2518 4278 30 99 78 245AX
W305AX 5.0 Liter/rev 18,000 20,000 3462 5882 30 98 77 305AX
W305R 5.0 Liter/rev 18,000 20,000 3250 5522 30 93 75 305R
W510AX 8.3 Liter/rev 11,000 12,000 3462 5882 30 98 77 510AX
W510R 8.3 Liter/rev 11,000 12,000 3250 5522 30 93 75 510R
Embark on the journey of crafting your very own supercharger kits for distribution, and there's no better heart for your package than the Whipple Twin Screw Compressor. Preferred by OEM manufacturers for its unparalleled throttle response and the drivability akin to a large displacement engine, it's the ultimate choice for aftermarket builds.
When designing a supercharger system for consumer applications, it's essential to offer a broad power band coupled with towering peak horsepower – a feat only achievable with a screw compressor. Thanks to its superior adiabatic efficiency (up to 80%) and volumetric efficiency (up to 99.9%), the Whipple screw compressor stands as the zenith of the latest generation of durable and reliable power boosters, suitable for both modest and intense boost applications.
As a complete unit or a standalone "rotor assembly" for custom housing integrations, the screw compressor is unmatched. It’s the sole supercharger that marries the benefits of positive displacement for robust low-end torque with high-end efficiency for maximum horsepower. This distinct advantage is exclusive to the Whipple Twin Screw Compressor, setting it apart from all others on the market.
While centrifugal superchargers and turbos struggle with lag during critical moments like shifting, throttle transitions, and initial acceleration, and while Roots-type superchargers falter in efficiency at higher boost levels, Whipple's screw compressors excel across the spectrum. With an array of sizes from 100 to 510 cubic inches and a diverse selection of drive lengths, pulley combinations, and bypass valves, Whipple Superchargers ensures a fit for every application, defining the pinnacle of supercharging technology.


  • Positive displacement twin screw design has the highest efficiency of all superchargers including roots and centrifugal
  • Higher efficiency means more power at all rpm levels
  • Unique Whipple twin screw design provides the largest power gains across entire rpm range
  • Similar screw compressor design as the Ford GT supercar
  • Same screw compressor technology that Mercedes has utilized on all their latest vehicles including the 600hp McLaren SLR, E55AMG, S55, CL55, SLK32 and SL55
  • Dyno proven to produce more horsepower and torque than any other supercharger throughout the entire rpm range.
  • 21st century fuel injection that has more processing power than the factory computer resulting in incredible drive-ability
  • Whipple designed air-bypass system for unsurpassed fuel economy
  • Commitment to quality and excellence
  • Astounding customer support from our well trained, performance enthusiast personnel
  • Nobody can compare to the OEM packaging and quality of parts Whipple provides
  • 50 state emission compatibility
  • Unmistakable industry leading fit and finish
  • 100% complete systems ready for an easy installation and trouble free operation
  • Systems consistently produce very low levels of noise, commonly undetectable
  • True technological leader in supercharger industry


  Whipple Charger Centrifugal Turbo Roots
Response Awesome idle-to-redline rpm power. No lag. Poor low-speed response, similar to "turbo lag." Poor low-speed response. Turbo lag. Good low to mid range power.
Driveability Increased lugging ability in higher gears. Increased power throughout rpm range. Must downshift to maintain boost level. Must downshift to maintain boost level. Increased lugging ability in higher gears.
Engine Torque Curve Virtually flat curve; ideal characteristic. Often worse than uncharged engine at low speeds. Often worse than uncharged engine at low speeds. Wide range; fall-off can occur at high speeds.
Heat Buildup Low; intercoolers are usually not needed. Low; intercoolers are usually not needed. High; may need intercooler High; limits boost available.
Noise Very low noise levels. Typically very noisy. Very low noise levels. Typically very noisy.
Adiabatic Efficiency 70-85% 60-80% 65-80% Peak 30-65%