About Us

**Whipple Superchargers: A Legacy of Innovation and Performance**

Whipple Superchargers, a beacon of American ingenuity, was born in the passionate heart of founder Art Whipple in Fresno, CA. This vibrant history unfurls a journey from modest beginnings to a powerhouse of innovation and performance, marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to revolutionizing the industry.

Guided by Art Whipple, a true innovator and a remarkable racing legend, the company transformed the performance landscape. His racing spirit, paired with a crew of dedicated pioneers, gave rise to a brand synonymous with quality, excellence, and unparalleled performance.

Each chapter in Whipple's history is woven with stories of groundbreaking achievements. From the pioneering Gen 1 Whipple Charger to the game-changing 6th generation supercharger, the evolution has been nothing short of extraordinary. A continuous saga of development, driven by a passion for innovation, attention to detail, and a determination to redefine the limits of performance.

Today, the Whipple legacy flourishes with over 80 proficient team members, each contributing to the in-house design and manufacture of world-class superchargers in our Fresno facilities. Here, innovation thrives, and a tradition of excellence is meticulously upheld, perpetuating a reputation that resonates with superiority and groundbreaking performance enhancements.

The Whipple family continues to champion this legacy, following steadfastly in Art Whipple's tireless footsteps. Their dedicated stewardship ensures the continuous advancement of our business and products, cementing Whipple's position as an indomitable leader in the industry.

In our hands, the future of supercharging is boundless. Embodying a history of triumphs, Whipple Superchargers’ journey echoes with an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries, setting new standards, and confirming our place at the pinnacle of innovation and performance in the automotive world.