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Date added: 01/03/2017 Whipple goes upside down for GM LT1 Camaro/CTS-V

The Gen 6 Camaro platform proved challenging for most for fitment. Whipple decided the best fit for the application was to go upside down. This lead to an all new setup which still takes up every inch of hood clearance to maximize power potential. The new 2.9L upside down system is the largest displacement upside down system ever produced.

In typical fashion, Whipple went a step further then the competition. Each Camaro system comes with a 10-Rib belt system with ligthen billet pulleys, adjustable idler plate for use with multiple pulley ratios, HD (high density) intercooler cores for incredible cooling capacity, 109mm inlet for use with all aftermarket throttle bodies, ATI harmonic balancer with billet crank pulley, massive oversized dual pass heat exchanger with high flow intercooler pump, 2 gallon plastic intercooler reservoir and the incredible Whipple Whine to go with that huge power gain.

Each system comes complete, 50-state legal and offers a power train warranty.






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