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Date added: 02/19/2016 Whipple Introduces Flight Control For S550 Mustangs!
Whipple Superchargers, in its continued strive to bring the customer the most advanced, most powerful supercharger system for today's S550 is proud to announce the new MyWhipple calibration suite featuring the revolutionary new Flight Control technology.

The new MyWhipple calibration suite allows the end user or the installer the ability to custom configure their supercharger system. With the new Flare software and latest calibration, customers can adjust the power output in each gear or globally. Afraid to give the car to the dealership? Maybe poor weather and you still want to drive your 800+HP Whipple Charged Mustang? Simply load your calibration, turn the key on and slide the Flight Control dials where you want it, wait 2 seconds and it's now it's utilizing its virtual pulley software that mimics different pulley combinations.

Using unique, advanced proprietary software, Whipple is able to detect the gear position in both auto and manual transmissions giving us the unique ability to control torque output. This gives every customer the capacity to have full control over their power output whether it's per gear or overall.

Not to be done, the Whipple Guardian is an industry first. New to the Whipple calibration is pre-built in added safety measures over all the current safety parameters. The new guardian system uses new software technology to further increase the safety standards others simply don't have capacity to offer.

Knock Limit. This feature is defaulted on and works off the factory knock sensors. It constantly monitors knock events, in cases where you have poor gas or another issue and the knock sensor activity becomes too active, the knock limit reduces power output (cylinder pressure) until the knock activity has reduced.

Small Pulley Detect. This feature consistently monitors airflow vs its torque output and consistently adapts to the environment. When a customer changes the pulley, the PCM recognizes the changes and adapts its settings to the pulley so the max power is maintained along with all the other safety functions.

CHT Limiting. The CHT limit is based on the cylinder head temp. After extensive testing using the advanced 3D based calibration, a peak power calibration was made for all different types of scenarios. The S550 uses CHT to modify the power output as temp increases, power levels decrease.

Octane Adjust. The Whipple octane adjust feature allows the customer to modify his power output or spark advance based off octane. The intelligent knock detection and strategy constantly adapts, the Octane adjust lowers the nominal spark for applications with low octane or just wanting the added safety.

RPM Limit. Whipple has durability tested at the increased RPM ranges with the 5.0L Coyote engine and it has proven safe at the extra RPM, but in applications where some want to keep lower RPM limits, a simple toggle on the icon and you can have a more conservative max RPM.

Axle/Wheel Configuration. Only Whipple Superchargers gives you the ability to modify your axle/wheel size with its flash tool allowing your speedometer and shift points to be correct no matter what your combination is.

Add the new electronic features to the already most powerful 50-state emissions legal system and you have the most advanced system available for the S550. No other system compares to the amount of engineering, exclusive industry leading features and wheel shredding performance.
Whipple Flight Control




02/09/2018, 08:43 PM

"Great read.Very informative."


09/27/2017, 03:30 AM

"Gen3 stage 2 "


07/31/2017, 10:23 AM

"Just give us a call and we can get you setup with a flash tool with Flight Control."


07/27/2017, 05:14 PM

"I have a 2015 mustang with Whipple supercharger kit where can I buy the software and how much is it, it must not have been available when I bought my system"


04/12/2017, 03:50 PM

"The Stage 1 complete system comes with a tool and software, there is nothing else needed. "


04/11/2017, 10:59 AM

"I just purchased the Phase 1 for my 2015 S550. Do i need to buy a tuner to transfer the data from my laptop to the cars ECU? Is this new software included with the phase 1 kit?"


09/20/2016, 11:18 AM

"Yes, it is 50-state legal."


09/17/2016, 11:49 PM

"Is the whipple system you offer carb legal?
If i get pulled over would i get reffed in california?"


09/05/2016, 10:18 AM

"will this correct my shifts in my automatic 6 speed? installed stage one factory throttle body, but I lost all my factory modes and the shifts are all over the place. 2016 gt auto, 3:55 rear long tube headers with cats. had a dyno and tune but not happy with the shifts. there is a lag, with steady gas just before it shifts. need help. "


07/26/2016, 07:51 AM

"I have a 2009 GT500 KR I am looking at a larger S/C and was wondering does the flight control program work on the S197 Mustangs or is there something similar?"


04/18/2016, 11:09 AM

"i would like to talk to someone about this program or what ever it is very interested but need live person to speak with thank you rich p.s. have a whipple with everything it is on a new 2016 mustang gt good piece would love more control over it thanks again rich"


04/17/2016, 12:43 AM

"Keith, This will absolutely work with your Roush Blower. The computer doesnt know, or care what power adder is on your car. I completely understand Whipple wanting it to remain proprietary with their blowers, however, if it truly works better than a standard SCT programmer, I dont see why anyone with a S550 could use it. I could give a much more detailed answer, but that is the nut of it. It works with S550 Mustangs... No matter what blower is on it."


03/26/2016, 11:28 AM

"Sorry, this is only for our supercharger as the throttle body, fuel system and manifold is all different."


03/23/2016, 05:49 PM

"While i doubt this... i must ask...does the flight control calibration suite only work with the whipple superchargers or can i use this software for my Roush Supercharger? email me if it can... keith@ailgroup.com as i would like to buy it!"

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